What you need to know before digging a borehole

Thinking about digging a borehole on your property to supply your pool and irrigation and don’t know where to start? The Pump Shop has all the information to get you started.

What is a borehole?

A borehole is a long narrow hole that is drilled to reach underground water.


Boreholes are great if you are looking to take control and manage your water supply. Essentially once the hole is drilled with the use of a pump you can access the water found underground. Boreholes generally have a long lifespan ranging 10 to 15 years which make this a long-term investment and can add much value to your property.

Borehole registration

When drilling a borehole depending on how you wish to use it will determine whether you will need to register the borehole. If you intend to use the borehole for commercial purposes, then you need to register the borehole with the department of water and sanitation. If however you only intend to use for private and residential use then you don’t need to register it.

Finding the borehole site

To ascertain whether a site is suitable for drilling a borehole you will need to contact a hydro geologist who with their expertise will be able to avoid pipes, cabling, when finding a suitable site to drill. Executing this process correctly will save you money so make sure you work with skilled drill operators

Yield testing

A yield test allows us to determine the flow and amount of water that can be pumped up from a borehole. This test is done with an aquifer where a pump runs for certain time measuring the variables to determine the yield water in that location.

Pumps and Filtration

Depending what you want to use the water for i.e. drinking water, pool supply water or irrigation water for your garden; these decisions will play a big role in deciding which pump to use and filters to install.

Essentially you have 2 choices: A submerged borehole pump with submersible motor or a deep well pump with dry motor. Today, the deep well pump has been replaced with the submerged pump type. “The long shaft of the deep well is a draw back which makes it difficult to install and carry out service.” Installing a borehole is no small project but brings a lot of relief knowing your water supply is free of municipal restriction and this allows you better control of your finances. Contact the Pump Shop for more information if you are looking for drill a borehole on your property