Two types of borehole pumps exist: The submerged borehole pump type with a submersible motor, and the deep well pump with a dry motor, which is connected to the pump by a long shaft. These pumps are normally used in water supply and irrigation. Both pump types are made to be installed in deep and narrow boreholes and have thus a reduced diameter, which makes them longer than other pump types. Read More

The borehole pumps are specially designed to be submerged in a liquid and are thus fitted with a submersible motor, which is IP68 protected. The pump comes in both a single stage and a multistage version (the multistage version being the most common one), and is fitted with a nonreturn valve in the pump head.

Today, the deep well pump has been more or less replaced by the submerged pump type. The long shaft of the deep well pump is a drawback, which makes it difficult to install and carry out service. Because the deep well pump motor is air-cooled, the pump is often used in industrial applications to pump hot water from open tanks. The submersible pump cannot handle as elevated temperatures because the motor is submerged in the liquid, which has to cool it.

100mm pumps

Max flow 400l/min

Max height 300m.

Built in check valve

Noryl impellers