Dab E.sybox 1.1kw with
electronic pressure system.


We didn’t just limit ourselves on improving what was already there!Instead we were the first to achieve a revolutionary innovation in water pressure boosting. We have developed a patented booster set with high performance and increased efficientcy. Compact design that is simple to install, maintain and operate. Maximum satisfaction for the installer and end user. e.sybox has changed the way in which people use our most important resource, water. e.sybox is also smart and versatile. You can create multi pump systems by grouping two or up to four pumps together. This has never been so easy, thanks to fast connection station e.sytwin and the integrated wireless connection.

Thanks to inverter technology, once you have set the desired pressure, e.sybox mini3 maintains a constant pressure to all the water outlets served.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we have further optimized e.sybox making it even more quiet and comfortable.

Guarantees the comforts and savings of constant pressure (Set Point adjustable from 1 to 5.5 bar) in the system and up to 250 euros a year* saving on energy bills with e.sytwin up to 1,000 euros a year*, thanks to the inverter technology.

Once the suction and delivery pipes are connected, e.sybox doesn’t require any additional components for it’s installation and operation.

LCD 70X40 mm high-resolution screen, adjustable to adapt the readability at various installations. The intuitive interface gives access to all the system information and the main settings depending on the specific application.

Thanks to the equipped wireless connection is possible to create groups of two to four pumps and can be connected to the internet.

The new component architecture and the ergonomic design make e.sybox so compact, it can be installed in nearly any environment. It guarantees a dimension reduction of at least 30% compared to any other traditional pump system.

Horizontal, vertical or wall mounted, e.sybox can be installed virtually anywhere inside or outside the home.

• Max head 6,5 bar
• Max flow 7200/hr
• Water cooled
• Electronic inverter


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electronic pressure system.”

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